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Alysa and Jarrett are married sci-fi weirdos that live in the San Fernando Valley in beautiful California. Jarrett has a master's degree in screenwriting and Alysa has a nothing degree in nothing because she didn't have the money for college. They have a super cute dog named Pickles that is very smelly. Their house might as well be a Godzilla and dinosaur art/toy museum. Seriously, if you don't believe that, then just look at their Instagrams.

Jarrett is also pretty amazing at stop motion and that ISN'T his wife just blowing smoke up his ass. Alysa is very good at complaining and maybe at some other things but she is writing this and is too humble to compliment herself. They love making their podcast and love coming up with new fun ways of making it better all the time. They hope you enjoy it and enjoy their antics. 


Photographer: Denise Luce