Drive In Underground Episode 13: Ghost Sex and Are Bigfoots Aliens?

Alysa and Jarrett are back in the bunker with a jam packed Episode. Try to stay open minded when they are contacted by a flat-earther, Alysa tells us a story about a lady that likes some ghost lovin’ and Jarrett explores a new theory and looks to the skies for Bigfoot’s origins.

Drive In Underground Episode 12: Flight 19 and Bigfoot Human War of 1855

After being mysteriously shut down, Alysa and Jarrett are back in the bunker baby! This episode we are bringing you down to the Bermuda Triangle and talk about the ill fated Flight 19. Then Jarrett takes us to the woods of Oklahoma for the gory Bigfoot Human War of 1855! Come get underground with us again!

Episode 34: Isolated October: Moon

Do you ever look at the moon and think, "Hey, there are probably clones of me up there mining precious energy for me to use down here on Earth!" Yeah, us too! We discuss the 2009 film Moon in this episode in between our David Bowie singing and our insistence that everyone look at Sam Rockwell right now!

Episode 33: Isolated October: Ex Machina

Sometimes, you just want to be alone… so why not be alone with us?? It’s Isolated October! This week we seduce you ears with our discussion on Ex Machina! It’s time to hear Alysa get gushy over Oscar Isaac, us discuss the robot rebellion against our sexual advances, and Jesse Ventura stops by to make a Hot Pocket!

Episode 32: Space Time September-um: Back To The Future Part 3

It’s our last adventure with Doc and Marty and this time we are going to the Old West! As we reflect on possibly THE best trilogy in our film history; we also geek out about locomotive speeds, time traveling paradoxes, Jarrett embraces his hate for his inner Irishman and Alysa wants all horses dead.

Episode 31: Space Time September-um: Back To The Future II

The Power of Love was WAY too much for just one episode! The only way to fix that was to bring you SPACE TIME SEPTEMBER-UM! Doc needed us to go back; so here we are to bring you Jarrett’s beard water, hoverboard lies, and the answer to the question: was Marty roadkill?! So, rehydrate a pizza and don’t make that deal with Needles because it’s BACK TO THE FUTURE PART 2!

Episode 30: Ready Player DONE: Back To The Future

Alysa and Jarrett use the amazing ‘Power of Love’ to ‘Get Back in Time’ when blockbusters were at their plutonium prime! We intended to wipe our palettes clean after seeing Ready Player One and we have been successful so join us or make like a tree and get outta here!